Raupe ab! free

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Raupe ab!

Island in danger - save the dyke!
The dam breaks! Only Hubert, the world-best crawler driver, can save the island. Only if you bring the stones fast to the locations of fracture, can the water break-down averted. For this you must push the stones with the crawler into the location of fracture.

Otherwise it means again: Raupe ab!

Collect the crates around to find technical devices, for example a compass of breached levees or a second crawler and solve the small extra tasks, which wait on the islands for Hubert.

Download free from here: Raupe ab!

Chronicles of Avael - Orcs, Goblins and secrets for on the move free

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The new mobile/cell phone classic role-playing game "Chronicles of Avael" is in the tradition of AD&D and consists of short, exciting adventures tailor-made for a train journey or evening at home.

The player takes the part of a young man named Lev whose family is attacked by a mysterious gang searching for a book which Lev has found. The boy is taken to an old castle from which he must now flee. His escape takes him through ancient temples and secret ways and into a mine which is not so empty as it appears... The player must solve riddles, survive combat and prove his diplomatic skills!

The first adventure (the prologue) is available for free

Download free from here: Chronicles of Avael

Free X-bike

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Play as Duke Diesel, the bad boy on the world circuit with a temper as hot as his bike's exhaust, and take on the Asian race circuit in an epic speed fest. Race to win and leave your tread marks on the tracks of Asia. The faster your timing and final position, the higher the points you receive.

download free from here: Xbike

Kung Fu Fighters free

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The year is 2015. Globalization has reached its peak, and the world has fallen under the control of several international cartels. In order to resolve disputed borderline territories, leaders have resorted to hosting an underground fighting tournament. The stakes are incredibly high. It will be brutal, and it will be a fight to the death among only their most elite fighters.

The choice is yours! Choose from a variety of fighters such as Ryo, Bruce, Jane, Tyson, Tuah or Fei Fei possessing unique fighting styles including Shotokan, Jeet Kun Do, Military Fighting, Boxing, Street Brawling and Karate. Demonstrate your fighting prowess to show who is boss and dominate the competition in the fiercest underground fighting event ever witnessed and emerge as the ultimate winner! The stage has been set, but the question is: Do you have what it takes?

download free from here: Kung Fu Fighters

Free Pegasus Lost

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In 'Pegasus Lost,' hazmat games takes its science fiction RPG from the depths of space onto your mobile phone. Explore the hallways of the Pegasus, Earth's greatest starship and humanity's last hope for freedom from the deadly and enigmatic Ixion race.
After a brutal attack, only a single maintenance android survives the carnage. You control the android, and with the aid of an artificial intelligence onboard the Pegasus, attempt to bring the Pegasus back online to exact Earth's revenge upon the Ixion homeworld.

download free from here: Pegasus